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Free Source Code for Android APP| Major Project for Computer Science

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Developers : Bijay Acharya (, Jeevan Acharya, Sabin Thapa

More :

Source Code Download Link

Intro to our APP | Project :

Our project “University News” mainly focuses on website of Pokhara University (PU). In the traditional website viewing system, users have to open a web browser and then type in the University website address and then wait for the page to load. For PCs with slow internet connections, users have to wait for the whole page to load and then scroll through the bulk page to search for the desired links or pages. This causes huge data to load and modern web browsers to load the contents, mostly.

Thus, a new system is required so that users (especially students and affiliated colleges) can browse the website contents on the palm of their hands; wherever they are- on the go.

Source Code Download Link

How to get rid of warning messages after installing R?

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During startup - Warning messages:
1: Setting LC_CTYPE failed, using "C"
2: Setting LC_COLLATE failed, using "C"
3: Setting LC_TIME failed, using "C"
4: Setting LC_MESSAGES failed, using "C"
5: Setting LC_MONETARY failed, using "C"         # this line is not occurring in OSX 10.10.1 Yosemite but other four are.

I found an existing question but the solution does not work for me. I do this

  1. Open Terminal
  2. Write or paste in: defaults write org.R-project.R force.LANG en_US.UTF-8
  3. Close Terminal
  4. Start R

and the warning messages are still shown. I guess this works when installing R using the package from the R project page.

How to get rid of these warning messages after installation of R in OSX?

src :


Xcode Archive Is Too Large

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I have a Unity3D project that I’ve already released for iOS via Xcode. Previously the archive size was about 30-40Mb which I’m happy with.

I’ve now changed a few things within the Unity project, and rebuilt it for Xcode. Now when I archive it, the size is around 110Mb, which is huge compared to the previous file size. I only changed the logo, and splash screen design.

Also, when I rebuild the older version, the size isn’t 30-40Mb anymore, it’s 110Mb too!

So I’m guessing this is something to do with the new Xcode for iOS8? Not 100% sure, hence why Im asking.


sRC :

How to write a database to a text file in android

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I am working on a Spying application for my college project purpose. For that i have logged the Calls, Location and SMS of the device and stored them in a database. Now i want to export the contents of the database to a text file.. I tried the below code.

private void readAndWriteCallsData() {

    File dataBaseFile = getDatabasePath("DATABASE"); 

    File callDataFile = new File(Environment.getDataDirectory()+"/data/com.example.myapp/databases/"+"DATABASE");

    try {

        BufferedReader dbFileReader = new BufferedReader(new FileReader(callDataFile));

        String eachLine;

        while((eachLine = dbFileReader.readLine()) != null)



    } catch (IOException e) {



But that is not working… Please help me…

Tween camera position while rotation with slerp — THREE.js

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I want to tween camera position while rotation.

Here is my function:

function moveAndLookAt(camera, dstpos, dstlookat, options) {
  options || (options = {duration: 300});

  var origpos = new THREE.Vector3().copy(camera.position); // original position
  var origrot = new THREE.Euler().copy(camera.rotation); // original rotation

  camera.position.set(dstpos.x, dstpos.y, dstpos.z);
  var dstrot = new THREE.Euler().copy(camera.rotation)

  // reset original position and rotation
  camera.position.set(origpos.x, origpos.y, origpos.z);
  camera.rotation.set(origrot.x, origrot.y, origrot.z);

  // Tweening

  // position
  new TWEEN.Tween(camera.position).to({
    x: dstpos.x,
    y: dstpos.y,
    z: dstpos.z
  }, options.duration).start();;

  // rotation (using slerp)
  (function () {
    var qa = camera.quaternion; // src quaternion
    var qb = new THREE.Quaternion().setFromEuler(dstrot); // dst quaternion
    var qm = new THREE.Quaternion();

    var o = {t: 0};
    new TWEEN.Tween(o).to({t: 1}, options.duration).onUpdate(function () {
      THREE.Quaternion.slerp(qa, qb, qm, o.t);
      camera.quaternion.set(qm.x, qm.y, qm.z, qm.w);

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How to use column range chart with range and navigator in Highcharts?

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I have a requirement to plot run history of a task in Highcharts which should show tasks run as a horizontal bar. Recently I found out that inverted option is not supported in StockChart andnavigator & rangeSelector is only available in StockChart.

So in order to achive the requirement I created something similar to this jsfiddle example (found somewhere while browsing don’t remember the source) and ended up with this plunker link with help from my previous question, thanks to Pawel Fus

Updating question to avoid confusion

Intent of chart

Show only those tasks which ran in a particular date time range. In case there are too many runs say more than 10, then there should be a way to display only 10 tasks and yaxis should be scrollable to show other tasks. plunker link to the problem

Problem explanation of above plunker.

If you check the screenshot below from above plunker, the time range is from 12/12/2014 09:32:26to 12/12/2014 10:32:26 and there are only 2 tasks that has run m_ARRAYV_SALES_ZIG1_CALL2_VOD__C_OB & m_ZIG2_HCP_MERGE_IB_CN. However I can see another task in between LILLY_C which did not even ran in this date time range. (In actual data there are more than 10 tasks that clutters this chart which does not even fall under this date time range)

Also if you notice at the bottom most right corner time shifted from 09:38 to 19:20. 19:20 is the end time for m_ZIG2_HCP_MERGE_IB_CN task. enter image description hereBelow is my chart options Read the rest of this entry »