How To Use Http Injector | Http Injector Basic Guide | Http injector for ncell

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Video Tutorial Here > > BUT ! BUT, first read STEP by STEP guide on HTTP injector article below. {Only watching Video is not Enough, so read article below VERY WELL}

Http Injector is an Android VPN tool to used to set custom HTTP header. It’s used to connect your SSH/Proxy with custom header and also it can access blocked websites behind firewall with SSH tunneling support & proxy server. It tunnels all applications and help to inject queries into your network server.
Http Injector is of great use because it hardly disconnect and save battery.

How To Use Http Injector

Using Http Injector requires professional skills but it has been made easier for everyone by importing Http Config Files already made.
1. Download the required Config Http Injector file for the settings you want to use
2. Import a Config File by clicking on Import on the top right corner of the Http Injector when launched as shown below after AD 1 and AD 2

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[In Nepali] Youtube Monetization PT.2 – Top 5 Mistakes of Beginners

Then Tick “I Understand Connection issue is not related to the app”. Next Step after

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AD 3


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3. Now Locate the Config File you want to use and click on it

Also Read  > Forum of Nepalese Hackers Community, in given link below. >

4. It will import successfully and once imported, you can start your Http Injector.


4 thoughts on “How To Use Http Injector | Http Injector Basic Guide | Http injector for ncell”

  1. I m using http injector. I also have created .ehi file and got connected too but it’s too slow .Need solutions ..please help


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