Facebook Users Hit “Dislike” Button for Timeline [STUDY]

Facebook Users Hit “Dislike” Button for Timeline [STUDY]

About 56% of Facebook users who are aware of changes to the social network dislike them, according to a new poll.

telephone survey of 2,000 people conducted by USA Todayand Gallup found that 26% of people who use the site daily are “very concerned” about privacy vs. 35% who use it once a week. Those figures are significant in light of Facebook’s newTimeline feature, which gives users the opportunity to share their histories on the site and gives Facebook more targeted information for advertisers. Facebook’s schedule to roll out Timeline is unclear.

Facebook’s changes, however, are apparent to daily users, but not as much to the general public. Only 34% of the people surveyed were aware of the changes, although 87% of daily users were. Of users who were aware of the changes, 56% didn’t like them; 36% liked them. Those figures track closely to Mashable‘s poll of 3,200 users on Sept. 30. In that poll, about 59% of users said they couldn’t be bothered to fill in their Timelines.

The survey shows that although Facebook may be a ubiquitous part of millions of people’s lives, for many it’s still merely a curiosity.


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