How the world is learning to speak in tweets

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 We all know the Internet is becoming less of an American (and Anglo) playpen, and now there’s a graphic representation to illustrate that fast-evolving story.

Google includes code in its Chrome browser that can determine the language of a Web page and ask whether you’d care to have it translated. That provided an opening for Mike McCandless, who subsequently extracted the so-called Compact Language Detector software, which Google has open-sourced.

Eric Fischer then applied the data to Twitter to generate a couple of stunning images tracing the use of the micro-blogging service around the globe.

“There are a lot of near-identical colors for different languages because I was optimizing for maximum distinguishability of languages used near each other rather than for global uniqueness,” Fischer noted on his Flickr account. “The exception is English, which is in gray because it is so common almost everywhere that it threw off the process of choosing the other colors.”MORE


Report: 39% of Twitter photos come from an iOS device.

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g to a report at The Next Web, Apple’s iOS devices, including iPhones and iPads, account for at least 39 percent of the photo traffic on Twitter. Photo search engine Skylines has constructed a breakdown of the various platforms and clients that post photos to Twitter, showing that despite iOS 5’s relatively young lifespan it is already the seventh-largest Twitter client.

Combining the 5 percent of photos that come directly from iOS 5 with statistics from Twitter for iPhone at 21 percent, and Instagram (an iPhone-only photo sharing app) at 13 percent, the 39 percent figure is reached. But, that does not include the percentages from other Twitter clients that are cross-platform, such as TweetDeck, Echofon, and Twitpic (which can be used when accessing many clients).

With iOS 5 still in its infancy, the sky is the limit for Twitter’s long-term viability and Apple’s contribution to it. The easy integration and swift adoption of Apple devices that are Twitter-ready should propel iOS’s mark on Twitter’s social graph and will most likely be the top photo-posting client sometime next year.

Personally, I post most of my photos to Twitter using Instagram, which also shares an enormous upside with iOS due to its iPhone-only stance and meteoric rise in popularity over the last several months. It will be interesting to see how much Instagram can hold on given Twitter’s iOS 5 integration.

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Twitter Ordered to Give Up WikiLeaks Data

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A federal judge on Thursday ordered Twitter to give up information about three account holders under investigation for possible connections to WikiLeaks. The decision rejected an appeal by the three account holders that argued their IP addresses should be considered private.

Those account holders — Jacob Appelbaum, Rop Gonggrijp and Birgitta Jonsdottir — have addressed the situation on Twitter. Gonggrijp, a Dutch citizen, used his feed to direct users to a blog post arguing that the decision is a blow to Internet privacy.

“The consequences of this decision for me are extremely limited: there’s not a whole lot you can learn from records that Twitter has on me that you can’t learn from reading my blog,” he wrote. “There are bigger principles at stake though, and this is not a good ruling for online privacy.”MORE


The Perks of Working at Google, Facebook, Twitter and More [INFOGRAPHIC]

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The Perks of Working at Google, Facebook, Twitter and More [INFOGRAPHIC]

Are you a techie looking for work? We recently offered some tips on landing jobs at GoogleApple and Facebook, but there are more companies in the Valley than those three. And you might be wondering what the culture is like at each of these companies, as well as at LinkedInTwitterEventbrite, Gaia and Tagged.

Back in August, we brought you word of awesome perks at various startups; now, we bring you perks at a number of Silicon Valley’s largest and finest. From yoga to catered lunches, 401(k)s to dry cleaning, sports teams to vacation days, these tech companies seem to understand that quality of life affects productivity — and that having to run fewer errands after work means you’re more likely to stay at the office.

Check out the infographic below for a breakdown of who offers what perks. Do you work at any of these companies and take advantage of any of these perks? Let us know in the comments below.




Horrible blog going around about you? Or a Twitter phishing attack?

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Malicious Twitter

You may not realise it, but your Twitter account is worth money.

Cybercriminals are keen to compromise your Twitter account, so they can spam out messages (either as public tweets, or less obvious direct messages to your online friends) in the hope that some recipients will click on the links.

What lies at the end of the links can vary. It might be a webpage offering you a new wonder diet, or a pornographic website, or a link to a download designed to infect your computer.

But first they need to commandeer your Twitter account, and the simplest way for them to do this is just to ask you for your Twitter username and password.

Here’s an example of the latest attack that has been seen on Twitter. The message arrives in the form of a direct message (DM), and has a pretty enticing reason for you to click on the link: more

Twitter security, Google fined, Bomb hoax, busts, skimming – 60 Sec Security

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In this episode:

* Australian bomb hoaxer tracked via information hedidn’t intend to share.

* UK bank account holders ripped off via data theydid intend to share.

* An educational look at ATM skimming.

* Twitter edges towards HTTPS by default.

* Google agrees to cough up an enormous fine.